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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I take care of the design once I get my vehicle home?
.....A- Let the paint dry for at least a week before any washing or wiping down with harsh detergents.

Q- Can I wax my bike?
.....A- Yes, you can wax your bike but not for at least two weeks. Do not wax directly over the painted design.

Q- How much do you charge?
.....A- Every job is different. You can contact Jeremy by phone or
e-mail for a rough estimate, but keep in mind that this is NOT a set price.

Q- Does the paint need to be cleared?/How durable is the paint?
.....A- Jeremy paints with a specific pinstriping and lettering urethane. It does not need a clear coat once applied. The paint will hold up in the elements and wear with the proper care. If in the future you wish to clear over it, it is possible.

Q- What if I ever choose to remove the design?
.....A- If you ever need to take the design off of your vehicle, the only way would be to wet sand the design and the entire panel it is on, then to re-clear the piece or try to buff out. Easy Off oven cleaner will NOT work on this type of paint.

Q- How can I get my bike/car pinstriped by you?
.....A-Jeremy can come to you! Give him a call or send an e-mail to set something up.

Q- What products do you use?
.....A- Jeremy uses PPG brand products for custom paint and special effects and he uses DuPont Hot Hues paints for his pinstriping.